Friday, March 23, 2018

RLV 2.9.23 (64-bit)

Hi !

It's been a while but I have gone back to working on the RLV during the week. This RLV is the first one to be 64-bit, and I'm sorry to say that I will not keep working on the 32-bit one anymore, since it would mean twice the workload for me. Windows is 64 bit now and has been for a while so I believe this will not be a problem anyway.

The other thing about this viewer is the fixes I brought into it, most of them being about silhouettes and vision restriction spheres.

When I first introduced silhouettes in the RLV, my idea was to make an avatar difficult to recognize, yet be fully aware of what they are doing when they're close. Now I've managed to do that by making the silhouettes look like silhouettes, i.e. flat gray shadows without any feature save for their outlines, they're not 3D anymore. It can be very interesting if the avatars around you are both rendered as silhouettes and have their names hidden, it becomes a lot more difficult to know who's who and that's the point. Silhouettes were also lacking the unrigged mesh attachments worn by the avatars, which was problematic in some cases.

I also worked on making vision restriction a lot more accurate. Before this version, when blindfolded you could see some of the transparent parts of the avatar in front of you simply disappear, for example a sheer latex catsuit, or a hair base, or even eyes. It looked silly and was caused by the RLV hiding alpha-blended surfaces if their objects are too far from you (since alpha-blended rigged attachments poke through the vision restriction spheres). It no longer works that way, the distances are now tested on a face-by-face basis, in other words a surface will disappear if it is too far, not if its containing prim is too far, which makes a big difference when it comes to avatars.

And the calculation of what rigged surfaces to hide and show when blindfolded has been sped up a lot too, so normally you should stop seeing your viewer slow down to a crawl when blindfolded in the middle of a crowd.

Oh and when every occurrence of a name is replaced ("censored") in a chat message or a hovertext, it is replaced only when it is a complete word, not a part of a word. This should stop some silliness I see when people choose very short display names like just one letter, and that letter is replaced by "This resident" in everything word containing that letter.

Here is the full change list :

- changed : The viewer is now 64-bit, which means you need a 64-bit operating system to make it run. You may run it via the provided SL_launcher executable (which checks for updates) or on its own, this makes no functional difference.

- improved : When rendering avatars as silhouettes via the @camavdist RLV command, the silhouettes now appear as flat grey 2D without any shading, as they were intended since the beginning.

- improved : Silhouettes now feature every single attachment the avatar is wearing, including unrigged ones unlike before. The only attachments that still don't show are the unrigged alpha-blended ones. I will try to work on that in the future.

- improved : The calculation of what to hide beyond the vision restriction spheres is dramatically sped up, there should not be such a slowdown anymore when around several avatars while blindfolded. Moreover, the faces are now hidden on a face-by-face basis and not on an object basis, i.e. you should no longer see alpha-blended parts of an avatar disappear when taking a step back while blindfolded.

- fixed : The avatar of the user is no longer hidden by its own silhouette when silhouettes are active and you are looking at someone else from certain angles. Thank you Henri Beauchamp for the fix.

- fixed : Censoring names (replacing with "That resident", "This person" etc) in the chat and in HUD texts looked wonky when someone had a very short user or display name. For example, hearing someone say "I need more money" no longer reads as "I need This soulre This soulney" when around Mo Noel.

- fixed : RLV commands that you can send to someone else through IM (@version, @stopim and others) could not be sent when the IM  window was in "expanded view" mode.

- fixed : Glow and fullbright no longer poke through the vision restriction spheres when they are not black.

- fixed : Surfaces that are fullbright, with environment and materials and alpha-blended (yes, that specific) no longer render through the vision restriction spheres.

- fixed : Put "share" after "replace links" in the inventory context menu.

You can grab the Windows version here :

The MD5 hash for the Windows executable is :

Alternate download :

Have fun !

PS : I know the 64-bit SL viewer and many 64-bit TPVs have been around for a while already, the RLV kind of comes late to the party. This is because I have been (and still am) very busy in RL, and the code I have had a nasty crash on startup that did not allow me to release it sooner. I coded a workaround only today, it will stay until I find the cause of this crash (which is probably due to one of my merges) and fix it.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

A few words about the Happy Spanker

Hello there,

First of all, sorry for being silent these days, I'm very busy on an RL project, but I'm still around :p

Secondly, I've been asked a few times to make a Maitreya version of the Happy Spanker. As you may know, it is currently just two spheres, regular prims, they're not even mesh. So why am I not making a Maitreya version of them ?

It would be easy, I've already made a few tight-fitted Maitreya items, like the Proud Girls and recently the Body Harness.

But if I did that I'd be faced with this alpha-sorting issue on rigged mesh. Let me explain.

The texture I made for the Happy Spanker is an alpha-blended one, meaning that it has partial transparency. It cannot be masked or it would look dirty and weird. If I made a fitted mesh version for Maitreya, it would ideally have to go under the "Underwear" layer so that when you're spanked while wearing panties or a catsuit, your butt would redden under it and not through it. Same if you are wearing jeans (either on the "Clothing" layer as an applier, or mesh jeans), as it does not make sense to see your butt redden through them.

Problem is, as I mentioned above, the texture is alpha-blended, which means it would be hidden under any other alpha-blended texture rendered on your body or even fitted to your body, like transparent catsuits, sweat, applied panties or even stockings (since they use the same lower part of the body). And it would hide an applied tattoo that is alpha-blended as well. You know this issue well I bet, this is why you have to switch "Mask Mode" on your Maitreya HUD when you wear more than one transparent layer on your body. It's annoying, it's a rendering issue (not a bug but an optimization, so it's there for a purpose and won't be fixed by LL), and it happens only with rigged mesh, not with unrigged mesh (or sculpties or prims).

This is the reason why I don't want to make a Maitreya fitted version of the Happy Spanker just yet. Not until I find another solution. If you don't believe me, you can try the Code-5 spanker that is fitted to Maitreya, and try to use it along with a transparent catsuit. It literally makes a hole through your suit. Same with sweat.

But yeah, I too would love to make a Maitreya-fitted Happy Spanker so that it follows the curve of my body perfectly. Prims are sooo 2010. More recent is not always better though, I guess.
There is hope though, that LL will release their "texture baking on mesh" feature one day. If they do, then it might be possible to make a fitted mesh version of the Happy Spanker that won't make your butt burn through your clothes.

Have fun !

Monday, January 29, 2018

Small update to the Need For Seed HUD

Hi !

Here is a small fix for the Need For Seed HUD, which would not apply the "V15c" texture to Lolas-compatible breasts like the Proud Girls or to Omega-compatible mesh bodies. That's this one, the third square on the lowest row of the fifth folder :

It applied correctly on the Maitreya mesh body but not on other mesh bodies or any mesh breasts.

To get your HUD fixed, simply rez the updater included in the folder or the box you have (depending on where you bought it, Marketplace or in-world), and wait a little, you should receive a new box. No need to delete the updater afterwards, it self-destructs after 20 seconds.

Have fun and sorry for the inconvenience,


Monday, January 15, 2018

Update to the Body Harness : Maitreya fit !


Today I'm releasing an update that I've been meaning to make for a while : a variant of the Body Harness that is fitted for Maitreya, as well as Maitreya + Proud Girls !


Maitreya + Proud Girls

It has been a popular request for over a year, but the amount of work was quite high so I kept delaying it. People often think that all one has to do to fit an object to a mesh body is copying the weights after remodeling around the body to be close to it, but nooo ! In some cases (like here) it involves completely redoing the object since rigging involves more precision and more vertices, or else it clips through the skin. And an item like the Body Harness cannot rely on hiding body parts underneath, so the fitting has to be exact and snug.

This new variant is actually embedded into the harness, it is not a separate object. I did this so that if you are a Maitreya user (or Maitreya + Proud Girls), you can wear the main item and not the rest, saving two attachment slots. You need to wear one or two of the other two items only if you want to switch some parts to unrigged, or if you want to see the leash particle chains. More on that below.

That's right, you can mix rigged and unrigged, there is a new plugin helping you with that, called "HarnessFit", accessible only to the wearer.


For example, suppose you don't like the deformation at the shoulders (as some animations may stretch them perpendicular to the straps, making them look wider), you can tell the plugin to use the unrigged variant for those straps only, and you have the control over how to resize them then.

Clicking on any part button cycles through the different variants available for that part. For example, if you click on  "Above breasts", it will cycle between "Unrigged, "Maitreya" and "Proud Girls". For the crotch and stomach, which are linked together since they are always rigged, you have the choice between "System" (the original rigged part that is far from the skin), "System tighter" (a part I made later that is closer to the skin) and "Maitreya". The former two are to be used with a system body or a mesh body that is not Maitreya.

Likewise, if you are wearing a tight corset, one that cinches your waist, the waist part of your Maitreya harness would not fit you anymore, so in that case you may decide to switch to the unrigged waist part, and to resize it so it fits better. And when you remove the corset, no need to resize again, just toggle the waist back to Maitreya with the HarnessFit plugin, and it will fit your body again. Best of both worlds.

The three buttons on the top row are shortcuts to switch the whole harness to "System" (meaning system rigged crotch and stomach and the rest of the harness is unrigged), to "Maitreya" or to "Maitreya + Proud Girls".

There is another change : the HarnessTex plugin has been divided in three plugins, HarnessTex and Style. The former being the same as before minus the "show" and "hide" buttons, which are now the responsiblity of Style (I used to merge the two before but it doesn't make sense now). Style lets you show and hide each part individually.


Please note that Style is in charge of showing and hiding parts individually but it doesn't care about the fitting, i.e. it shows and hides the parts corresponding to the fitting you've selected in the HarnessFit plugin and keeps the other variants hidden. For example, if you selected the "Maitreya + Proud Girls" variant of the  "Above breasts" strap in the HarnessFit plugin, and you decide to hide then show the "Above breasts" strap in the Style plugin, it will be this "Maitreya + Proud Girls" variant of the strap that will be hidden then shown again. The other two variants ("unrigged" and "Maitreya") will remain hidden. It's all very simple, you'll see. Just keep in mind that :

- Style (keyholder only) is in charge of deciding what parts to show or hide, it works exactly like the plugin of the same name in other RR products (Deluxe Straps, Siren ropes...).
- HarnessFit (wearer only) is in charge of deciding which variants to use, those variants will be the ones controlled by Style, the others will remain hidden. Be aware that it won't show a strap that is hidden by Style.
- HarnessTex (keyholder and wearer, or keyholder only if "Deny" is active) is in charge of changing the textures, materials and tints, it works exactly like the other Texture plugins in other RR products (Deluxe Straps, Highbinder...).

Lastly, the Leash plugin still spawns its chain from different points of the harness, depending on what parts are visible. The ring above the breasts will take priority, if it is not visible then the one below the breasts will, and if that one isn't visible either then the one on the belly will. And if that one isn't visible, well, no chain will show. Since particle chains spawn from the actual location of their source prim, it is best to spawn them from an unrigged prim, because rigged mesh may appear to be a totally different place than where it is actually attached. For this reason, two of the three chain spawners are located in the unrigged torso part of the harness, the third one is in the main part since that part is attached to the left pec (like the waist part before this update). In other words, if you wish to see all three chains, you need to wear the main part and the torso part, even if you don't show any unrigged part of the harness.

Naturally, if you are not wearing a Maitreya mesh body, let alone the Proud Girls breasts, this update won't do much for you, but it is always best to keep up to date.

To update your body harness, simply go to any of my updaters, click on it and follow the instructions. You need a replacement, a simple update won't do.

At the time of this writing, there are four available locations :

My Little Shop
Chorazin's store
Roper's Dark Playground
Dark Wishes

Please note that out of the box, the Body Harness is set to display its unrigged and system parts, you need to use the HarnessFit plugin to switch to Maitreya.

Have fun !

Monday, January 8, 2018

Small update to When You're Hot

Hi there,

Here is a small update to the When You're Hot sweat appliers that fixes an issue occurring specifically with LAQ mesh heads, where the demo would work but not the retail product.

The reason for this fix is odd and specific to LAQ. My sweat appliers use the "Default Transparent Texture" texture from the Library (it is in yours too) as the diffuse channel, while it relies on the normal and specular channels to actually render the sweat (*). Only... it seems that particular texture is recognized by the LAQ mesh heads as an information telling them to completely hide the tattoo layer. In other words, this library texture's UUID is special and must not be used with LAQ. The demos work because their diffuse textures are different, they are custom textures with big white "DEMO" stamps on them.

So I just saved and re-uploaded that texture in order to give it a different UUID, and it now works like a charm.

So if you are a LAQ mesh head user and cannot make the When You're Hot appliers to show sweat on your face, please rez the updater from your folder and you'll get a fixed version. The only thing that changes in this update is the "When You're Hot Head (Omega) (top left)" item.

Have fun !

(*) This is also the reason why it does not work on Catwa and Akeruka, those heads cannot handle materials on a layer that is not the skin.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Update to the Need For Seed HUD

Hello and Happy New Year !

This is a small update to the Need For Seed system (its HUD, actually). I had noticed some of the face appliers had a strange grey outline under certain lighting circumstances, so this version should fix that and get rid of any grey outline or shade for good.

It also contains a fix for a strange bug, namely when wearing one of the MdlM latex catsuits, bodysuits or stockings, the additional attachments (neck piece and boots) behaved strangely when clicking on one of the main buttons of the Need For Seed HUD. It would change the mask, or change the texture of the top of the boot, or hide it altogether... There was a conflict in the channels as the MultiApplier script in charge of applying the cum through Omega and Lolas is the exact same one I use in the latex catsuits, bodysuits and stockings. Added a parameter to tell this script not to talk to attachments, and it works. Of course it still talks to the cum attachments, but no longer to the neck piece and boots, that made no sense.

Anyway, to update your Need For Seed HUD, simply rez the updater contained in the folder on the ground and wait, you will receive a new box a moment later. Leave the updater alone, it destroys itself after a while. Also no need to update the Feed Her Need For Seed HUD, this one is not impacted by this update at all, so no need to give a new copy to whoever you already gave a copy to.

Have fun !


Friday, December 22, 2017

Update to MdlM When You're Hot

Hello there and Merry Christmas !

Shortly after releasing the When You're Hot sweat and wet appliers, I noticed that the first three levels had some kind of pattern on the skin shine... It was not obvious at all, but once I noticed it I couldn't unsee it. The human eye has an uncanny ability to detect patterns, really.

So I have entirely redone those three levels, "Warm", "Hot" and "Torrid", both on the retail and the demo versions, on the head and body, for LeLutka, Maitreya, Lolas and Omega. Now those three levels of shine look more realistic and natural than before, and that freakin' pattern is gone.

See for yourself :

Warm before
Warm after

Hot before
Hot after

Torrid before
Torrid after

As you can see, the pattern was not easily spotted but once you saw it, you could no longer ignore it. I know I couldn't.

Also it does not show on the pictures here, but the new sheen gives the skin a better 3D look, while it was almost flat before. The skin is more "bumpy" now, as it should be, making it look more natural when you move your camera or when the lights move around you.

The other four levels do not use the same pattern for the skin so no need to change them.

That's not all, this update also changes a couple more things.

I have added two "Clear" buttons on the left of the "Maitreya+LeLutka+Lolas" HUD (not on the Omega HUDs, which already have such buttons), so you don't have to go through turning off the tattoo layer of your LeLutka head, pressing "clear all layers" on your Maitreya HUD and pressing "clear all" on your Proud Girls (if you use them). These new buttons do not actually clear the textures, they replace them with fully transparent textures and get rid of the materials, which has the same effect.

Two more buttons on the left

Finally, the Maitreya+LeLutka+Lolas HUD no longer sends messages to Omega breasts, as it was confusing the Proud Girls and probably other models of mesh breasts as well. This is the role of the Omega HUDs anyway. The reason for this is that Omega top appliers and Lolas appliers share the same channels and follow almost the same protocols.

To update your When You're Hot HUDs, simply rez the updater contained in the folder, wait a little, you will receive the new box and the updater will derez itself.

Have fun and happy holidays !